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Quarterly invoices are mailed on the final day of the month prior to the billing month.  For example, invoices for 2nd quarter will be mailed by Nov. 30th.  Invoices will NOT be mailed for the 1st quarter.

Payments are due by the 15th day of the billing month.  Your 1st quarter payment serves as your 1st quarter invoice.


If no payment is received by the 15th day of the month following the billing month, you will be notified by either phone or e-mail (or regular mail, if these options are not available).  For example, if no payment is received by Jan. 15th for the Dec. 15th billing period (2nd quarter), you will be informed that your account is “past due”.
If your account is still not paid within two weeks after the late notice date, you will receive a final notice requesting full payment before the beginning of the next tuition quarter.  If current tuition is not paid for the quarter, your Parent Portal privileges will be revoked and your dancer(s) will not be allowed to participate at our school until your account is settled.  These families will be notified by the bookkeeper as well as the area parent volunteer and a list of these students will be given to the teachers to refer to at class.

Tuition must be paid even if classes are missed.