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Frequently Asked Questions


What ages do you teach?

We teach students aged 3-18+.  We do not offer instruction meant for adult-level (advanced) dancers.

What skill range do you teach?  What class does my dancer belong in?

Skills classes (lowest to highest):
River – minimum age is 3 years
Cork / Derry – minimum age is kindergarten
Donegal / Galway
Kerry / Kilkenny
Limerick / Sligo
Waterford / Wexford

Performance classes:
Cork / Derry
Young Movers
Tiernan Gold

Please Contact Us to learn the appropriate class for your dancer.

Where are you located?

Our classes are held at Cohesion Center, 1020 Argyle St. (across the street from Lewis & Clark Brewery) in Helena.
There is a Google map on the Class Schedule & Map page.

Do you have classes in Butte, Bozeman, etc.?

Though our website domain is and we have some ties to the Butte school, this website pertains only to our Helena school, which is operated by different people than the Butte school.  You can find information about the Butte school at this link: Tiernan Butte.

We are not associated with any other dance schools in Montana and will likely not be able to provide reliable information about them.  You might try Google.

How much do your classes cost?  Can I pay online?

Administrative Fee:
This fee is $50 per dance year.  It is used to cover costs associated with operating our dance school.  One fee covers all dancers in a family.  Online payment for this fee is not currently available.  You will make this payment locally in Helena.  We accept only personal checks and/or cash for this fee.

Tuition costs vary, depending on your choices of class and payment schedule (yearly vs. quarterly).  Our site is designed to process tuition orders based on these choices.  You will send tuition payments directly to our out-of-state bookkeeper.  Please do not submit tuition payment to us locally and ask us to forward it to our bookkeeper, as this transaction is to be conducted between you and the bookkeeper.  See the Tuition Policy page for more information.

You will receive detailed instructions on how to pay the administrative fee and tuition after your Website and School Application has been approved.  Please do not submit any payments until we have approved your application.

What are your hours (class schedule)?

See the Class Schedule & Map page.

How do I sign up and when?

Fall registration for the 2024-2025 dance year is done via our website form, which will be available beginning August 23rd

What should the dancer wear to class?

We recommend athletic leggings or shorts and T-shirt.  River dancers may wear black ballet slippers.  Beginner Cork dancers need ghillies (special Irish dance soft-soled shoes).

Can I check out your school in person before committing?

You are welcome to observe classes in progress, but please Contact Us us in advance to make arrangements.
Our class schedule is on the Class Schedule & Map page.