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Website and School Application

If you have an account with us, you can login to use a different form that prefills your existing information.

The form at the bottom of this page combines website account application for access to our Parent Portal content and student application for our school.
The Parent Portal is a free service for active account holders, and will include such things as a Classified Ads section for dance related items.

Parental Obligation to Monitor Studio Lobby
To ensure the safety of our dancers and assist our teachers while they are occupied in the studio, each dancer’s parent(s) must periodically monitor the lobby.
A sign up sheet with a rotating schedule will be at the studio.


Usernames are required and they cannot be changed later.  The username you submit on this form will be publicly visible on certain Parent Portal pages (e.g., when you post a Classified Ad or publicly respond to one).
A username that violates our Terms of Use (section 4. User Registration and section 7. User Generated Contributions) will result in your application being rejected and deleted, and you will have to submit a new one with an appropriate username.
If you make a mistake, such as a typo, when entering your username, you will have to submit a new application (or simply live with the error), so please proofread carefully.
Please keep all of the above in mind when choosing your username.

Application Rejection
Your application may be rejected if you have an outstanding balance with us or the desired class is full (all slots are claimed).  We may also reject your application for other reasons not listed, in our sole discretion.

Dancer Order for Tuition Checkout
We only charge for the two highest level dancers in a family.  There’s no charge for any additional dancers in the family.  Our form sorts dancers according to class level and payment schedule preference, and only the two highest will appear in your checkout.  In the case of multiple dancers in the same class, preceding (lower number) dancer sections are given priority and the form assumes your payment schedule preference based on this.

For example:
You have 3 dancers and fill out the sections in this order:
Dancer 1 = Cork/Derry – yearly schedule option
Dancer 2 = Cork/Derry – quarterly option
Dancer 3 = Limerick/Sligo – quarterly option

Since Limerick is higher level than Cork, Dancer 3 goes to the top slot in the tuition order at checkout.  Dancer 1 is pushed to the second slot, rather than being replaced by Dancer 3.  Dancer 2 is bumped from checkout.  Thus, your tuition order in the above example would consist of Dancer 3 and Dancer 1 (yearly option).  Had you preferred to pay quarterly for the Cork dancer, you would fill out Dancer 1 section with quarterly selected.  If you had selected the same payment schedule for both Cork dancers, Dancer 1 would be in the tuition order, because that section is the lower numbered one.
If you have 3 or more dancers with all different classes, the highest 2 class levels will be in your checkout, regardless of section numbers or payment schedule selection.

Form Errors
It may not be a total loss, if the error isn’t in your username.  If you make a mistake and don’t realize it until after you have submitted the form, Contact Us and we will either fix it for you or request that you submit a new application.

Please promptly review the confirmation email our system sends to you and inform us of errors before we approve your application.  Do not submit a second application unless we ask you to!

Pricing and Payment
See our FAQ (How much do your classes cost?) and Tuition Policy pages for information.  Per those pages, you will be given payment instructions only after your application has been approved.

You may use either the signature field to draw a new signature or the file browser button to attach an existing signature image.

Once approved, your application becomes a legally binding contract between you, the Signee, and Tiernan Irish Dancers.  By signing our form, you agree to the terms found on our Site, including our Terms of Use Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Release of Liability, Dancer Image Publication Policy, and Tuition Policy & Procedure.

= required field.  You may use all zeros, for example, for nonexistent phone numbers.

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