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Website and School Application

The form at the bottom of this page combines website account application for access to our Parent Portal content and student application for our school.
The Parent Portal is a free service for active account holders, and will include such things as a Classified Ads section for dance related items.

Parental Obligation to Monitor Studio Lobby
To ensure the safety of our dancers and assist our teachers while they are occupied in the studio, each dancer’s parent(s) must periodically monitor the lobby.
A sign up sheet with a rotating schedule will be at the studio.

Online Application Process

  1. Submit the form at the bottom of this page (* = required field – use all zeros, for example, for nonexistent phone numbers).
  2. Wait for us to review your application.
  3. If approved, you will receive an email requesting that you login for instructions on how to pay registration and tuition.  You now have access to Parent Portal content and your dancer(s) will be allowed to participate at our school.

Offline Application Process
We are moving to a paperless system and prefer that customers use the form at the bottom of this page to apply to our website and school.  For the time being, we will also accept printed PDF forms (download links in box below).  Fill them ALL out, as they are all required for enrollment.  You will be notified via email when your paper application has been approved or rejected.
If approved and you declined a website account, payment instructions for the registration fee and tuition (Tuition Form PDF) will be included in the email.

You will not be able to pay online unless you have an account on our website.

If approved and you chose to have a site account, we will create the account for you so that you can use our Parent Portal.  Your email will include a link to set your password.  After you have set your password and logged in, you will be able to view the payment instructions page.  You now have access to Parent Portal content and your dancer(s) will be allowed to participate at our school.
If the username you entered on the PDF form (5-20 characters, no consecutive spaces) is already claimed, you will be asked to create a different one so that we can activate your account.

Note:  There are compatibility issues with our interactive PDF forms and certain mobile apps.  They do not work with Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Fill & Sign apps on mobile.  Adobe reports they are read-only, which is false.  They do work with Adobe Reader on desktop (tested on Windows).  They have been tested and shown to work with Foxit PDF Editor on iPad and Android phones, and PDF Expert on iPad.  If you have trouble with the forms on mobile, try using a different app or use a desktop/laptop to fill them out.


Usernames are required and they cannot be changed later.  The username you submit on the form at the bottom of this page or the PDF form will appear on certain Parent Portal pages (e.g., when you post a Classified Ad or publicly respond to one).  Please keep that in mind when creating your username.  We reserve the right to reject usernames in accordance with our Terms of Use (section 7. User Generated Contributions).

Application Rejection
Reasons your application could be rejected include, but are not limited to:

  • You have an outstanding balance with us.
  • The desired class is full (all available slots are taken).
  • The student is outside our allowable age range (3-20).
  • The application contains information that is suspicious (pranks, spam, etc.).  This could result in immediate deletion.
  • The application contains information that is known to us to be erroneous or contradictory to what we already have on file (e.g., from the previous season).

If your application is rejected, your account will be held in pending status to give you time to rectify the cause for rejection, if possible, and eliminate the need for submitting a new application.  Once the cause for rejection has been corrected, your account will be approved, you will have access to the Parent Portal, and your dancer(s) will be allowed to participate at our school.

We accept Zelle bank transfers, personal checks, cashier’s checks and money orders for tuition payments, which must be sent directly to our out-of-state bookkeeper.  We only charge tuition for the 2 highest level dancers in each family.  There is no charge for any additional dancers.  Your checkout page is generated accordingly.  The class dropdown menu options are in order from lowest to highest levels.

We accept only personal checks and cash for the $50 registration fee.  This fee, to be paid locally in Helena, is used for administrative costs associated with our dance school.  One fee covers all dancers in a family.

If we do not receive payment for both the registration fee and tuition by the end of Quarter I (per Tuition Policy & Procedure), your account will be deactivated and held in pending status.  Your Parent Portal privileges will be revoked and your dancer(s) will not be allowed to participate at our school.  Once we have received payment, your account status and your family’s privileges will be restored.

When signed and submitted to us, all application forms become legally binding contracts between you, the Signee, and Tiernan Irish Dancers.  By signing our forms, you attest that you have read, understood and agreed to our:

Visit a link above to view that document.

If you change your mind about enrolling after submitting the application form, being approved, and before you have sent us payment, let us know and we will flag it as pending.  This gives you time to consider your options and eliminates the need for submitting a new application, should you ultimately decide Tiernan Irish Dancers is right for you.  We will delete this pending account after 30 days have elapsed without further contact from you or immediately upon your request to delete it, whichever comes first.

You may use either the signature field or the upload button to attach your digital signature image.


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