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Tiernan Irish Dancers offers two payment options:  one-time full payment per year or four quarterly payments per year.  There is a 5% discount for paying the year in full in a single payment.  Tiernan only charges tuition for the two dancers in the highest level of dancing in each family — additional dancers in the family are free.  River is the lowest level.

Note:  The quarterly option is offered for your billing convenience, not as a class attendance option.  Much like your academic school, tuition ensures your dancer’s spot in Tiernan’s year-long program, regardless of classes missed.

Annual (one-time full payment with 5% discount):
River class is $410.40; any other class is $513

Quarterly installments (4 times per year):
River class is $108 ($432 total per year); any other class is $135 ($540 total per year)
Payments are due on:
Sept. 15th (1st quarter)
Dec. 15th (2nd quarter)
Mar. 15th (3rd quarter)
June 15th (4th quarter)