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Tiernan Irish Dancers offers two payment options:  one-time full payment per year or four quarterly payments per year.  There is a 5% discount for paying the year in full in a single payment.  Tiernan only charges tuition for the two dancers in the highest level of dancing in each family — additional dancers in the family are free.  Your checkout page will be generated accordingly.
The class menu options on our Website and School Application Form are listed from lowest to highest levels.

Note:  The quarterly option is offered for your billing convenience, not as a class attendance option.  Much like your academic school, tuition ensures your dancer’s spot in Tiernan’s year-long program, regardless of classes missed.

Annual (one-time full payment with 5% discount):
River class is $410.40; any other class is $513

Quarterly installments (4 times per year):
River class is $108 ($432 total per year); any other class is $135 ($540 total per year)
Payments are due on:
Sept. 15th  (1st quarter)
Dec. 15th  (2nd quarter)
Mar. 15th  (3rd quarter)
June 15th  (4th quarter)
First quarter payment is due by 9/15/23.

Our system is designed to automatically process tuition orders for those who apply to our school at the start of a given season, per above pricing.  We may manually prorate tuition for those who apply to our school later in a season, and the checkout page will reflect this price reduction.