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If you wish to withdraw your dancer from the Tiernan program, please leave a message for Janna Henry at 708-805-0194.  You may also email this information to her at  Please confirm the date of your dancer’s last attended class and let us know the specific reason for withdrawing.  We need to know if the dancer is going to stay on our mailing list for future enrollment and we are always anxious to hear ways we can improve our program.  Your family will be responsible for tuition expenses until this procedure has been followed.

PLEASE NOTE:  Refunds will be issued only on a full quarter basis.  For example, if a student withdraws during any part of a quarter, you will be refunded only the amount paid beyond that quarter.  You will not receive a refund for the remainder of the quarter in which you withdrew.  Exception:  First year dancers will receive a refund beginning with the next full month of that quarter.